The 4th Cellular Generation

Biocell Ultravital Swiss brand with more than 80 years developing biological Cell Renewal Therapies has been a pioneer in the incorporation of cellular extracts in combination with other natural compounds in its formulas such as Superoxide dismutase, Glutathione peroxidase, Glutathione transferase among others to offer a broader medicinal approach that is based on one premise: the incorrect functioning of the cells of the human body that is responsible for many diseases. The normal cellular function can be altered by imbalances, deficiencies and contamination of its constituent elements. Many of these diseases are caused by genetic inheritance or by unhealthy bad habits including a poor diet, external factors such as daily exposure to chemical agents that contaminate cells and by shortcomings of the body itself (poor synthesis of nutrients, difficulties in eliminating toxins, etc.). Some peptides and enzymes remove mutagenic compounds (glutathione transferases and glutathione peroxidases), enhance the immune response, whereas others prevent cancer cells from absorbing the compounds necessary for their proliferation

The Cellular Renovation Therapies do not seek cure symptoms in particular, but well restore the internal balance of cells with a correct supply of compounds specially formulated to promote cell nutrition and thus stabilize the renewal of the cell cycle, exerting a regenerative action and contribute to the optimal balance of the body to optimize its functions and thus be able to fight diseases especially degenerative ones.

On the other hand, animal-specific organ hydrolysates contain multifunctional biologically active peptide sequences with effect: antitumor, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antithrombotic, immunomodulatory and antihypertensive activities and various other applications in the field of health.

Due to the therapeutic importance that the peptides currently represent, we have incorporated them into all the formulas of the 3rd generation products, they are specific bioactive peptides extracted from each organ that are obtained through a meticulous process of enzymatic digestion by the hydrolysis of organ proteins. and animal glands that now provide our products with a triple activity effect benefiting the body with broad spectrum therapeutic properties, through the incorporation of fragments and chains of specific amino acids for the health of each organ to enhance the formulas and normalize the functioning of the different body systems with an even more positive impact on all cellular functions, hence the importance of including them in our therapy and ushering in the 4th cell generation of the product line Biocell Ultravital