Metabolic Therapy

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A cellular malfunction cascades a series of problems: accumulation of bad proteins that cause part of cellular damage that is reflected in tissue damage, organic damage, systemic damage, and gives way to the symptoms that pronounce diseases, many of them degenerative.

A metabolic disorder occurs when there are abnormal chemical reactions in the body that disrupt this process. When this happens, you may have too many or too few substances that your body needs to stay healthy. There are different groups of disorders. Some affect the breakdown of amino acids, carbohydrates, or lipids. Another group, mitochondrial diseases, affects the part of the cells that produce energy.

A metabolic disorder can develop if some organs, such as the pancreas, rendering them as diseased or do not functioning normally. Diabetes is one example.

The pancreas secretes hormones that help determine if the main metabolic activity of the body at a given moment is anabolic or catabolic, and at a higher concentration of glucose this releases the hormone insulin, which signals the cells to increase their anabolic activity.

Metabolism is a complicated chemical process. But it is not surprising that some simplify it by observing it only as something that influences the ease with which our body gains or loses weight and of course it is not. A chain of responsible and co-responsible factors in disordered metabolic function have been determined as the cause, and almost all of these originate in cells.

Revercell 4G, is a treatment to help minimize unrepaired molecular damage that limits the metabolic functions of the body and deforms the cell cycle. This damage is repeated and accumulates increasing to a greater or lesser degree depending on some factors such as: genetics, lifestyle, food among many others. Dr. John Denu director of the “Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology” at the University of Wisconsin in USA, compares these cellular processes as a factory in production, increasing over time if steps are not taken for adequate maintenance. Everything gradually begins to fail, this occurs in the cells due to the continuous effects of the accumulation of toxins that can cause mutations and the loss of metabolic functions, which are transforming the life of our cells into deficient and consequently initiating organic degeneration. This allows cell renewal therapy time to optimize its function sand combat these ill effects. Its’ 3 exclusive formulas in a single product induce positive changes in the metabolic functions of cells.


Metabolic Therapy