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Cellular Renovation Therapy is a therapeutic method in complementary medicine that exerts an adjuvant and mainly preventive action by providing fundamental nutrients for cell life, through the use of opotherapeutic embryonic actives, peptides, phyto-organic compounds, enzymes, and powerful antioxidants to neutralize the action of free radicals. It also combats other substances that are part of its exclusive non-chemical formulas that stimulate cell revitalization and regeneration by strengthening the nucleus of the cell and its cycles implementing specific functions within the renewal stage, and subsequent mitosis. The combination of 100% compatible components was included to merge the traditional formulas of organotherapy and cell therapy maximizing the effects of products purely opotherapeutic in origin. The fundamental objective is to revitalize healthy and / or damaged organs, optimizing the function of the tissues affected by possible structural changes.

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Cellular Renovation Therapy

Cellular Renovation Therapy (CRT) is a form of complementary medicine that focuses on disease prevention and supports the effectiveness of conventional medicine. CRT nourishes cells using natural ingredients, such as animal embryonic extracts, peptides, and antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals and other harmful substances. By strengthening the cell nucleus, enhancing cellular repair, and promoting the natural regeneration process, CRT aims to rejuvenate both healthy and impaired cells, thus optimizing tissue and organ function. This method combines traditional organotherapy with modern cell therapy for maximal therapeutic effects.

Cellular Renovation Therapy Activity in Cells?

CRT aims to rejuvenate aging or diseased organs by providing essential elements like proteins, amino acids, biopeptides, enzymes, and other biochemical substrates and nutrients to foster cellular regeneration, especially in cells deficient in these elements. This process revitalizes various organs and glands, enhancing their functional capacity and overall health.

This process is called the CELLULAR RENOVATION stage. Its beneficial action unfolds gradually because it starts at the cellular level and progresses to tissues, organs, and, ultimately, organ systems. The health transformation is typically observed over several weeks. Several specialists have affirmed that the key outcome of CRT is the rejuvenation of the immune system's defense mechanisms.