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The organic deterioration that people experience over time is mainly due to the damage produced by free radicals on cellular tissues. These free radicals are highly reactive molecules, which over time, with cumulative effects, can damage tissues and organs, affecting their functions. This damage is known as cellular oxidation or oxidative stress and it is mainly responsible for aging and the diseases associated with age.

The production of free radicals in cells increases, as the person has more exposure to environmental and industrial pollutants such as: smoke, pesticides, chemicals, fatty foods, sunlight, cigarette smoke, alcohol, stress, etc. and therefore the aging and deterioration of the body depends on the lifestyle of the people. For this reason, the average lifespan of people is shorter in developing countries, with high environmental pollution, and less healthy habits.

The deterioration of the organs due to the effect of free radicals is not always uniform, but some organs, due to hereditary conditions, trauma or infectious and degenerative diseases, deteriorate more than others. For these cases, Biocell Ultravital offers a set of revitalizing therapies, which benefit specific organs or the entire body.

Therapies with Cellorgane 4G act directly on the cells, inducing a cleaning of the accumulated biological material, promoting “Autophagy”, through which the cell digests the waste material, which once reduced to its basic elements, is reused to make new proteins, enzymes, lipids, etc. In this way, cells devoid of accumulated biological material can progressively regain their functionality, supported by the various components of the therapies.

The embryonic tissues in their formulas together with the enzymes, coenzymes, catalytic nutrients and with the incorporation of biopeptides, manage to activate and significantly reduce the future damage of free radicals by neutralizing a large part of them.

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Muscle - Skin Therapy

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Liver - Pancreas - Stomach Therapy

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Heart - Lung Therapy

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Bones - Vertebrae Therapy

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Kidney Therapy

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Thymus - Spleen Therapy

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Brain - Hypothalamus Therapy

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Thyroid Therapy