Anti-Inflammatory Therapy

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Anti-inflammatory therapy Biocell Ultravital’s fights inflammation through the systemic response as an immune reaction, since inflammation constitutes a signal of the defensive reaction of the body’s immune system, through the release of cytokines that allow the communication between the different forms of immune defense.

What happens when an inflammatory process occurs in our body?

The antiprotease is activated multiplying the combinatorial effect of the cytokine in the inflammatory phase. What Bioenzym 4G achieves is to act as a natural anti-inflammatory thanks to the synergy of a series of enzymes that reduce the sending of alarm signals from the immune system to the other systems of the body, thus preventing inflammation from becoming chronic.

The synergy of the components together with the catalyst peptides and cell extracts such as thymus allow effective immunomodulation and regulation of the inflammatory process and is therefore indicated in rheumatism, osteoarthritis, inflammation of the respiratory tract, sports injuries, venous and postoperative problems, among other indications reported in observational studies carried out by doctors in their patients in order to verify its therapeutic efficacy.

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Inflammation Therapy