Extraction and obtaining of biopeptides and cellular extracts

It should be noted that the formulas contain biological components of animal origin in combination with other compounds that enhance the therapeutic action and are extracted especially in the embryonic stage and processed during the second month of gestation, these components that are part of the formulas of some of Our products are obtained after a long biochemical process and are certified free of prions, pyrogens, bacteria, nano-bacteria, fungi, viruses and after many controls, the risks of an immune reaction in Humans are 100% eliminated.

Many years of clinical experience has shown that pigs and sheep are the best donors, because they are strong and immunologically resistant. Proof of this is that even in the 21st century, most heart valve transplants for humans are derived from pigs, in addition to insulin and many derived products for therapeutic purposes, come from these. These methods are continuously monitored to determine that they meet the strictest standards required by biosafety for therapeutic purposes. All the components and other active ingredients of the formulas are also approved by the Federal Food and Drug Agency (FDA) and are manufactured in the USA by BIOCELL ULTRAVITAL USA under Swiss license from Biocell Ultravital.