Security system to prevent falsification

Sophisticated security systems

Counterfeit Medicines

Biocell Ultravital has developed for the 4th generation a sophisticated security system for its products to prevent the repetition of copies and / or counterfeiting of our products. Moving forward, we will invest a great technological effort in each package to ensure that you will have an original product in your hand.

This security system is applied to new packaging that have a QR Scan code applied to a double security system, a first physical stage in the packaging that will reveal through a security tab if the product has been violated and a second with an implantation of sophisticated software that will allow you to check if the product you purchased is original through our website, or by downloading the new BIOCELL APP for Android and IOS for free.

The falsification of ethical and health products is a problem that is becoming increasingly important, and all the different therapeutic areas may be affected.

These counterfeits seek to pass for authentic products, copying the packaging material, the commercial image, the logo, the information brochures, as well as the shape and colors of the original product.

In addition, they use the same lot number, expiration date and other identifying elements of the authentic product. However, they are manufactured and placed on the market without the authorization of any health authority. These original and generic medicines, as well as vitamins are also falsified and even more so those products that enjoy prestige are the most vulnerable and these falsifications may contain active ingredients in incorrect doses or lower doses than those authorized, or the absence of active ingredients and even include some toxic elements. Many may even be manufactured under dangerous conditions that are not controlled. Thus, they can pose a significant risk to health and are sometimes especially difficult to identify.

In short, they look identical to the original product, but contain “uncontrolled” components that are life threatening.

he trade in counterfeit medicines is controlled by international criminal networks, and no region is exempt. Those countries with less controlled drug distribution systems are more vulnerable to this type of practice; However, the most developed countries are not spared from this evil, especially when patients purchase drugs on the internet or unauthorized websites. Unfortunately, in the past we have been victims of these unethical organizations and have had to report these facts to the authorities since many people especially in Asian countries, as well as Mexico and others in Central and South America are victims of misleading offers of therapies, even by unethical doctors who offer the products at prices lower than the real cost. However, in the end they spend more money due to the need to seek immediate clinical help as demonstrated on several occasions reported by us through our attorneys around the world from patients who were treated clinically for administering fake products.


We have developed an application for mobile devices that will help you stay close to our specialists at all times.

Downloading the new BIOCELL APP