Safety in therapies

Safety control is a very important factor, especially when it comes to high quality health products, which is why at Biocell Ultravital in France, which is the main headquarters where all the research and development of the formulas take place, we have monitoring and follow-up mechanisms for each product, this to prevent any error in the next production, that is why we are continuously implementing software for the detection of technical failures of the human team in charge of production. This translates into maximum safety controls that guarantee the complete quality of the production, eliminating 100% possible adverse reactions due to the indication of some of our products that does not correspond to a contraindication already described.

This discipline has become responsible for quality control in the formulation and manufacturing phases thanks to the detection, evaluation, knowledge and analysis for the prevention of adverse reactions and other possible problems related to the products, covering a wide spectrum of continuous analysis so that they do not cause any harm to the patient.  We actively participate in decision-making when manufacturing to prevent possible complications in any of the production stages. Thanks to the standardization and development of specific protocols established for each production and subjected to continuous analysis adhering to very specific guidelines we are able to prevent these unwanted complications. We are mandated by compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia in Europe and adhere to current FDA regulations when manufacturing the different products corresponding to Biocell Ultravital Cellular Renovation Therapies.