Research and Development

When Biocell Ultravital incorporates products with new formulas and they reach the market, at least an average of 5 to 7 years have elapsed, consumed in the different phases of research and development. This journey requires a scientific and economic effort, for this reason we say that out of every 300 new formulas that are beginning to be investigated, only 20 end up becoming treatments available to patients either as an adjunct or preventive of cellular function and the immune system.

Working in the context of formulas based on opotherapeutic extracts or cells of xenogeneic origin, they aim to support the expansion of products for basically strengthening the immune system.

Cellular Renovation Therapy may contribute as reinforcement to the primary treatment to treat the various human diseases that are associated with failures of the immune system. In order to achieve this purpose the continuous efforts of a scientific committee structured by various institutions in the field biology headed by Prof. Dr. Ben L Pfizer is needed. These contributions guide new formulations that improve the components has been allocated to four fundamental guidelines with specific objectives corresponding to the 4th generation cellular products by Biocell Ultravital: Protection, Repair, Revitalization and Regeneration properties. These therapeutic lines are developed with a common research and development strategic plan for each product category.