Products that improve Cellular Renovation

Currently there is a growing interest in cell therapy extracted from the patient’s own stem cells, unlike our products, Cellular renovation therapies (CRT) provide sustained results without complications and represent a great economic saving in comparison. The products in the Biocell Ultravital line of Cell Renewal Therapies are divided into 5 main groups that include: Regeneration, Revitalization, Detoxification, De-inflammatory and Hormonal.

 CRT have worked with great success in recent years as a preventive treatment, without discarding its effective action as a primary therapeutic. The treatment benefits are notorious for their adjuvant action in allopathic medicine. CRT, through their formulas, exclusively allow us to transform diseased or aging organs into healthy organs with a highly functional capacity.  Their components activate a series of stimuli that cells need for a normal cycle of continuous renewal, and they can be incorporated into the body through injections or orally. These various components are assimilated by the body through endocytosis and a good part is introduced into the cells. This is produced by the emission of pseudopods until they completely encompass it to form a vacuole, which then fuses with the lysosomes to degrade the phagocytosed substance, which is known by the name of phagosome. This method is characterized by being the mode of nutrition used by cells through ingestion of foreign matter. In addition, it is one of the greater means of transport that they use to defend themselves against some cells of multicellular organisms.

From this mechanism and many other stimulating biochemical changes, nutrition begins for an effective CELLULAR RENOVATION. CRT brings a fresh genetic information contained in DNA and RNA, stimulating secretion inducing old or sick cells and reprogramming to operate properly, providing the recipient bodies, a large number of biochemical and enzyme substrates containing information needed to revitalize an organ, or a gland. CRT contains various compounds that are primarily responsible for properly nourishing cells, but, moreover, each of the formulas in a CRT contains cells and embryonal tissues that increase positive changes in cell cycle complementing in part dysfunctional lapses. This is how the different components are first incorporated as essential nutrients and as well, how the embryonic tissues reach the organ  with low vitality and that need to be dynamized. This process is called CELLULAR RENOVATION and its benefits are perceived after several weeks, as it passes slowly from the cell to the tissue, from the tissue to the organ and from the organ to the system. Some specialists feel that the most important result of using CRT is the revitalization of the body’s immune defense mechanisms. When damage occurs to the cells that make up the different tissues and organs involved in the immune system, either through aging or environmental poisoning, the body becomes defenseless from both external invasion and internal degeneration. The damage caused to the organs of the immune system can be reversed by stimulating the body’s defense mechanisms to boost the health of the weakened organ.