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It is a pharmaceutical grade treatment, highly effective to help with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men and women and belongs to an exclusive international patent where we have gathered natural and biological factors in a single formula, so that all the components in synergistic action. These intervene in the endocrine and anti-aging systems of men and women, helping to provide improvement on symptoms and normalize organic functions of the reproductive system. They will also effectively protect the body preventing the proliferation of diseases linked to the cause of the problem, stimulating the hormonal cycle, revitalizing cell function and activating in men the natural production of testosterone that is lost over the years.

Its 100% natural formulas do not contain chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs, do not produce side effects and can be combined with any medication. For this reason, this therapy improves quality of life by reducing a series of problems, among which are: loss of energy, fatigue, decreased ability to concentrate and memory, depression, lack of motivation, irritability, muscle weakness, decreased desire or sexual potency, decreased physical vigor, insomnia, weight gain, dry skin, osteoporosis, joint pain, and often decreased height, among other undesirable conditions in both men and women that can be avoided and improved by the use and indication of our Pro-Hormonal Therapies: Biofemin 4G for women and Androcell 4G for men.

Consult regularly to your doctor, it is a message for the life of BIOCELL ULTRAVITAL


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