Preventive medicine programs

We offer a program through Schweizer Klinik Biocell of medical consultation where you will be attended by a specialized doctor to recommend after completing your clinical information if these treatments can help your current state of health to improve organically to slow down the aging process.

We offer several combinations of treatment, firstly, you have to determine if what you want to achieve is a general revitalization of the entire organism, or instead, you need a revitalization of a special organ or one of the body’s organ systems.

This is important because many people only need to increase vitality, muscular energy and the rejuvenation of some of their glands in order to feel stronger, younger and more vital; while others have the main objective of “betting” on the future and preventing the bodily deterioration that will occur in the near future, avoiding beforehand the “decrepitude” of their body-mind unit, and based on family histories of particular tendencies (osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s , cancer, visceral prolapse, osteoporosis, etc.) project in advance the battle that will prevent them from such disorders. As can be seen, it is not always the medical professional who decides what to do, but rather it is a joint  decision.

Everything is valid when it comes to enjoying existence with the best possible quality of life.

Treatment Options

Based on these results and measurements, each patient will be offered a treatment tailored to their needs with many options highlighting the following:

Cellular Renovation Therapy Immunological designed to prevent general aging: cognitive, organic and body (bones, muscles and skin)

Cell Regeneration Therapy. Human Ultracell VI

Detox Therapy – tailored to the needs of the client. The purpose is to begin to detoxify the body so that the next steps are more effective in their action to reinforce cellular nutrition. Celltox 4G.

Organic Revitalization Therapy of the main systems and organs through organotherapy and peptide immunological therapy Cellorgane 4G.

Hormonal Therapy Specifically for men and women Androcell 4G , Biofemin 4G.

Antioxidant Therapy – Endocrine H Citoplacell 4G .

Metabolic Syndrome Therapy. Revercell 4G.

Anti-inflammatory Immune Therapy. Bioenzym 4G.