The biopeptides of the 4th Generation products are the result of several years of research on specific protein fragments and were included in the formulas to provide a significant therapeutic impact.

biopeptides are made up of short chain bonds that contain between 3 and a maximum of 10 amino acid residues in order to assign differences to the formulas and improve the therapeutic activity of traditional products.

Now in combination with cell extracts we notice very positive notable differences when providing other benefits, they also provide amino acids that start from 10 and contain up to 50 amino acids, this just to make a comparison of some differences in content and therapeutic scope of the new 4th generation cell formulas over the 3rd generation.

The differences are many others but equally compatible with the biopeptides, although they are rooted in size, their efficacy is not determined with the large or small ones, since the peptides do not fold into more complex structures such as embryonic tissues. Rather than forming helices, blades, large complexes, and globules, the peptides remain as a loose, two-dimensional string due to their small size and lack of organized structure, the peptides can penetrate spaces where larger proteins cannot fit, this is one of the most attractive qualities of biopeptides so they can quickly reach the bloodstream to go where they are needed.

Just to cite an example for making proteins, the machinery within a cell’s nucleus first transcribes a strand of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) into a corresponding strand of messenger RNA (ribonucleic acid; mRNA). Then, in association with ribosomes outside the nucleus, each mRNA triplet, or codon, is translated into an amino acid that constitutes a growing protein, then it makes clear to us the importance of biopeptides to complement the activity in our therapies that pursue optimize the different protocols of the 3rd generation products from their preventive indication as adjuvant and curative. This proud statement by others is due to the clinical experiences reported and described to date by doctors around the world. Finally, the 4th generation Biocell Ultravital products are the result of a perfect synergy to continue improving the cellular structure of tissues and energize all compromised systems according to the clinical indication.