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The Biocell Ultravital Institute of Biological Research in France mandates our commitment to increasing the expectation and quality of life for all human beings. We have dedicated decades to the researching and developing treatments and products to optimize Cellular Nutrition. In Switzerland, 2004 was crucial, as it served to consolidate all research related to the subject of cellular therapies. Anita Holler, a scientist in collaboration with the Swiss federal health office, declared to The Scientist newspaper, that “We are very satisfied that the law on stem cells from embryos use was accepted. This represents a positive recognition for Switzerland as a center of science, a country with a broad scientific curriculum in cellular research for therapeutic purposes and that responds forcefully to the disbelief and reluctance of the past, when much of the scientific world knows that It was here that cell research was born.”

For Biocell Ultravital, this new law represents a kind of legitimation of all our scientific efforts. It is definitely satisfying to share scientific clarity in our day.

We are pleased by the statement from Dr. William Haseltine, professor at Harvard Medical School, who between 2000 and 2004 was the president of the Human Genome research center in the United States, to coin the phrase “We are in the era of regenerative medicine. Putting a seal on more than 40 years of keeping our distance and becoming the hallmark of our research for the development of clinical studies at that time”.

It took many decades for scholars and followers of conventional synthetic drugs to accept their limited therapeutic power, due to the dose-response relationship. Pharmacological therapy continues to try to correct diseases only in the obvious symptoms, forgetting that these pathologies in their vast majority carry previous and submicroscopic sequelae, which in Biocell Ultravital we call type 1-2 and 3 cell disorders. We reference and highlight the approach of a Nobel Prize winner on the subject, Dr. Linus Pauling, who spoke of molecular diseases, leaving it to be understood that almost all tissue diseases are manifested by the consequence of cellular structural damage.

The specialists in Gerontology and Longevity from Europe and the USA agree after a study that began in 2009 studying people both sexes who had reached 80 to 90 years in different countries evaluating diversity of race and climatic situation. The initial number of Octogenarians was approximately 74,000 thousand, at the end of the study 9 years later in 2018, approximately 8,120 a little over 10% survived. After studying the habits, healthcare, diet, diseases, personal situation, profession and environment, it was concluded that aging is the main risk factor for all the diseases we suffer from.The goal is to reach an advanced age with functional organs and tissues, with good cognitive ability and with self-dependence. Our mission is to help you become part of the group of young adults achieving more than 100 years living life to the fullest.  Thus, we must continue working with the medical community and with opinion leaders who carry out work in the service of health, for the use and indication of Cellular Renewal Therapies for disease prevention.