Medical Training

Cellular Renovation Therapies is a preventive approach to health care offered, together and planned our products alongside conventional medicine. Thus, it is possible to treat people in all their dimensions, it is for this reason that working with doctors and other health professionals is essential to obtain the necessary clinical information that we need to know to provide treatment options that improve the health of patients.

Biocell Ultravital recognizes the exchange of knowledge as an important component to give continuity in the continuous training of our products and therapies, offering support to health professionals through workshops for independent doctors that serve to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, skills and / or performance of a health professional for the use and recommendation of Cellular Renovation Therapies.

How do health professionals benefit?

Health professionals represent the interests of their patients and offering technical training by specialists in Cellular Renovation Therapies will help many of them benefit from the indication of complementary therapies to expand the range of therapeutic possibilities for the good of their patients when allopathic medicine alone has not achieved the expected effects since their doctor knows their state of health well in order to monitor the possible treatment options according to the pathology provided that the inclusion or not corresponds to improve health through of complementary therapies Biocell Ultravital.

How does the patient benefit?

Patients are increasingly benefiting from complementary treatments such as Biocell Ultravital due to their prestige and credibility gained with positive results, and not only among patients, the novelty is that allopathic doctors are those who have been convinced of its benefits and they have incorporated as a good complement to their treatments, professionalizing the indications since currently the effectiveness of these treatments is more than demonstrated.