The mechanism of action of peptides is similar to that of drugs, since the last three amino acid residues adjacent to the C-terminal region of peptides that present therapeutic activity are strongly bound to the site active where they have a greater specificity of inhibition, so the biopeptides are protected in tablets and capsules with enteric coating to prevent their degradation in the GI and seek their better absorption in the intestinal tract, thus benefiting the percentage of absorption in blood and to achieve this we have incorporated catalysts to each formula and three amino acids arginine, glycine and aspartic acid to increase the body’s chemical reaction for coupling and subsequent absorption, because by incorporating this sequence into the different peptide chains in different positions of the type formula , allows new variants in both the negatively charged aspartic acid side chain like arginine, with a positive charge, this formula and methods obey an exclusive patent of Biocell Ultravital 4th generation products to improve their absorption when they are administered orally to bind to the target molecule and their therapeutic effect is restored upon arrival to their destination.