Manufacturing Plants and Procedures

In Europe, research, production and development is carried out at Biocell Ultravital, France, and we share part of the manufacturing in two other associated plants, mainly for the production of some raw materials, between Germany and the Netherlands.

We also manufacture our products in the USA, BIOCELL ULTRAVITAL USA Laboratories, where we have a modern production factory especially for manufacturing formulas and products for oral presentation.

Since our products formulas require components be extracted from a biological source, in all manufacturing plants we have ensured that they are manufactured in production rooms that have state-of-the-art equipment controlled by software that manages the procedures monitoring each phase of the process. Development with the latest air conditioning, quality and safety systems, to ensure that the final product does not lose its therapeutic potency, for this reason the active ingredients of each formula and the preparation in the initial phase are conditioned in isolated clean rooms and by specialized professionals trained to measure and control the production process from the moment this first manufacturing phase begins and continuing these quality controls through each phase of production until the final product is approved.

Each manufacturing plant, although with different facilities, produces with the same manufacturing procedures, efficiently following the highest quality standards that comply with all the regulations established by the European Pharmacopoeia and the FDA.