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According to modern thinking, the thymus gland is the “brain” of the human body’s immune system. As one advances in years, the thymus gland atrophies for reasons still unknown. As a result of the reduced number of T-lymphocytes it weakens as the years progress and exposes the cells of the body to diminished defense resistance by the body.

Many diseases can, directly or indirectly, be traced to a disorder of the immune system. The use of thymus peptides, enzymes and other factors can, in both cases, contribute to the regulation of the immune system.

From 1953 until his death in 1989, SANDBERG regularly treated his patients with aqueous thymus extract (THX).

In 1975 thymus therapy using thymic extracts, reached its peak in Germany with a study carried out by PESIC and LAWNICZAK, entitled “Immunological correction with the help of thymus extracts under negative influence of some antibiotics on the phagocyte”. It clearly revealed that the application of thymic extracts and thymic peptides leads to an immunological correction in the level of enzymes according to clinical examinations, regular application of thymus reduces susceptibility to infection.

Furthermore, a visible improvement in the general condition of most patients can be detected. Treatment with thymus extracts in cases of chronic diseases, and recurrent infections should be considered as causal therapy that leads to a fundamental restoration of the immune system.

Thymus peptides induce the expression of specific T-lymphocyte receptors in immature lymphocyte precursors, as well as the differentiation of T-lymphocytes, therefore, the importance of including extracts from the thymus gland and chains of peptides extracted from the thymus gland in our formulas. Incorporating short chains to regulate lymphocytes.

Many illnesses can be traced directly or indirectly to a disorder of the immune system.

The use of peptides, thymus extracts, enzymes, and other components in the formulas of all Biocell Ultravital 4th Generation products provide an important regulator of the immune system mechanism.

In recent years, three central areas of indication have taken shape thanks to the dominant regulatory capacity of thymus peptides: malignant tumors (lung, breast, stomach, intestines, kidney, bladder and prostate), recurrent chronic infections and rheumatism.

Among patients with malignancy, we must continue to assume primary or secondary immune failure. A still unknown noxa produces an inflammatory reaction in the joint, which in turn has an activation of the cellular and humoral defense power. B-lymphocytes produce an antibody. The increasing immune complexes are phagocytosed by granulocytes. This leads to a release of lysosomal enzymes and inflammation factors until the vicious cycle runs its course. In this case, treatment with thymus peptides is appropriate, as thymic hormones and thymic factors modulate the cellular and humoral immune response and prevent the escalation of self-destruction.

A weakened immune system is an ideal “growing medium” for opportunistic infections, which rarely take a chronic course or always recur. Treatment methods that only attack pathogens have only a symptomatic effect. They often have the characteristic of weakening the immune system, making the next infection a foregone conclusion. “There is a body of accumulating medical evidence that suggests that a greater increase in life span and better health will come less from dramatic medical discoveries than what I call living well.” In other words, your future health and life span will largely depend on what we do for ourselves, and not on what medicine can do for us. John H. Knowles, MD, President of the Rockefeller Foundation USA.

Consult regularly to your doctor, it is a message for the life of BIOCELL ULTRAVITAL

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Human Ultracell VI


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