How the formulas are developed

All our products have been formulated to optimize cell function because if we have healthy cells, we will be healthier every day, and they are based on our 4 pillars of cellular longevity. They work together as a whole to promote energy production and cell growth.

We strive to achieve perfection for each of our therapeutic categories, since they are formulated by carefully selecting each component after confirming its characteristics and clinical trials that positively compromise the efficacy in each formula, this is basically the science on which our products and therapies are based.

Biocell Ultravital  products  are formulated with ingredients that are 100% natural biological substances, with the highest quality standards, containing cellular extracts of animal origin and peptide hydrolysates extracted from plant extracts and glands of young animals in combination with antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins we managed to optimize the formulas and their therapeutic scope.

All raw material sources are carefully selected from organic plants and organs of pigs and sheep less than one year old and undergo a prion and decontaminated pharmaceutical standardization process that meets high biosecurity standards for reach specific concentrations of high purity and are processed under strict controls to guarantee the high quality and purity of their products.

No chemicals, other harmful or unwanted substances are used in the extraction. Modern technology ensures the recovery of assets in a biologically natural way, without changes. This is very important for the safety of each formula. None of the components in Biocell Ultravital formulas are genetically modified. (NON GMO)