Help prevent high-risk diseases

Chronic and degenerative diseases are currently on the front page of the media and constitute a widespread problem that affects all sectors of society in the population of any country. Problems such as obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis or cerebrovascular diseases, to name the most common, are the subject of research that often lead to the creation of new treatments that use all kinds of methods to combat disease. However, these expensive treatments are more focused on treating the symptoms of the disease rather than the prevention of such diseases, as they do not attempt to eliminate the underlying cause of the disease. Despite the amounts of money invested in their research and in the development of new medical treatments to combat them, these diseases do not go away. According to the World Health Organization, chronic and degenerative diseases are experiencing rapid global growth and accounted for approximately 70% of total mortality, and it is estimated that the latter figure will reach 74% of the total number of diseases in 2020. The incidence of Cancer, diabetes, obesity, strokes and cardiovascular diseases are increasing worldwide.

We must remember that degenerative diseases have a complex origin that goes beyond the nutritional or genetic factor; They do not develop due to a single factor, but rather have a multifactorial etiology. Therefore, a healthy diet or the daily intake of vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements is not enough to keep these diseases at bay. Now, not doing so increases the risks of contracting them, so while we continue with our bad eating habits, resting minimally and suffering stress most of the day massively increases our chances of contracting these diseases.

The essential thing, start by consuming unprocessed foods, doing physical activity and seeing prevention as the best medicine to be able to enjoy good health and in a high percentage keep these diseases distant from our body.


Of course we can, since most degenerative or life-threatening diseases occur when the body’s regeneration mechanisms do not work properly and damage both the structure of cells and consequently the function of organs and tissues. From then on, people begin with an endless cycle of ailments and gradually lose vital functions.