Free from intoxications

We currently live in a toxic world due to metabolic waste products (endogenous toxins) and environmental toxins (exogenous), so correct and timely detoxification is essential for the prevention of diseases, especially degenerative ones.

Common symptoms of poisoning are headaches, migraines, joint pain, bags under your eyes, organic inflammations, back pain, poor memory, poor digestion, colon problems, brittle nails, dry hair, frequent allergies, continuous flu among many others.

These manifestations live silently among us and due to ignorance, we attribute this harmful process to anything. The only way out to which we have become accustomed is paradoxically to continue intoxicating ourselves by resorting to drugs to alleviate these symptoms, which is an endless cycle of toxins in our body.

Life starts in a single cell, so detoxification at the cellular level is the root to address the problem and obtain clinically reliable results. Understanding the role of intracellular toxins versus extracellular toxins are two factors that seek to eliminate toxic substances in stages, first from our cells, and then from the blood and organs, especially the liver, which is the main detoxification organ, followed by the kidneys and the colon.


Increasing ecological pollution makes the accumulation of heavy metals in the body inevitable, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, etc., depending on the level of exposure.

This accumulation can affect cognitive, reasoning and concentration abilities, in addition to reducing the efficiency of the immune system and leading to degenerative and endocrine diseases.

Furthermore, this polluted environment significantly increases the body’s production of free radicals.


Celltox 4G is a 100% natural pharmaceutical grade therapy, considered by most orthomolecular medicine specialists as the most effective organic product to rid the body of contaminants, removing heavy metals in the body through an oral chelation process.