What is Cellular Renovation Therapy?

Prolong life with Health

The Cellular Renovation Therapy is a therapeutic method in complementary medicine that exerts an adjuvant but mainly Preventive action, which provides fundamental nutrients for cell life through opo therapeutic embryonic actives, peptides, Phyto-organic compounds, enzymes and powerful antioxidants to neutralize the action of free radicals and other substances that are part of its exclusive non-chemical formulas of recognized therapeutic action that stimulate cell revitalization and regeneration, strengthening the nucleus of the cell, its cycles and specific functions in its renewal stage and subsequent mitosis . These 100% compatible components were included to enhance the traditional formulas of organotherapy and cell therapy of purely opotherapeutic origin. The fundamental objective is to revitalize healthy and / or damaged organs, optimizing the function of the tissues affected by possible structural changes, a special mention for those predisposed by genetics or inheritance.

The Cellular Renovation Therapy has an effect in the medium and long-term, stimulating the own mechanisms of revitalization and healing that the body owns. Its therapeutic action works as it is entered and it is accepted as its own, so it can never injure the recipient organism, improving the quality of life in various types of degenerative diseases. CRT does not have the activity of a drug, medicines and chemical products work only until when  they are broken down by the body’s metabolic processes.

Cellular Renovation Therapy Activity in cells?

The CRT can help to transform those diseased or ageing organs, into healthy organs and with great functional capacity, supplying cells with: proteins, amino acids, bio peptides, enzymes and a large number of biochemical substrates and nutrients that will be profited by the deficient cells of these elements, stimulating a correct cellular renovation, giving health to the several organs and glands that are the object of the treatment.

This process is named as the CELLULAR RENOVATION stage and its beneficial action is perceived after several weeks, since it passes slowly from the cell to the tissue, from the tissue to the organ and from the organ to the system. Some specialists affirm that the most important result when using CRT, is the revitalization of the defense mechanisms of the immune system.

Consult regularly to your doctor, it is a message for the life of BIOCELL ULTRAVITAL