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Our scientific founders followed the methods of cell therapy by Paul Niehans, which at the time meant important improvements to curb senescence. The advances in science today have allowed us to develop products and treatments implementing scientific fundamentals to bring cellular life to its maximum potential, and consequently, improve the organic, psychological, and emotional needs of the human body.

These therapies, considered controversial in the past, have evolved in the last 20 years thanks to Dr. Joseph Wagmann, a medical researcher who dedicated decades to cell research for the improvement of health and the slowing of aging. Thus, awakening the maximum interest in the Medical and scientific community, making way forBiocell Ultravital Cellular Renovation Therapies by developing treatments through innovative formulations containing organotherapeutic cellular compounds, peptides, enzymes and essential proteins all reinforced by natural phytochemicals, vitamins, and antioxidants forming part of an internationally patented line of products.